Catching up

Hello Folks!

It had been nearly a forthnight since my last entry. I figured out I could probably spend a little while updating you on what is happening to me:


I know that I had been repeating myself for awhile now. I had been assigned on more frequent night shifts which means, I have little time to craft.

I have signed in my consent to receive the COVID 19 vaccine. Though I have a few concerns along the sidelines, I believe that the only way I could make my life as normal as it should be is to get one. I am no stranger to vaccines as it is always required for us, health workers to have them updated. Every year, I have to get a flu shot- in addition to other shots I might need depending on where I work (if someone is working in a communicable disease unit they need to be vaccinated). Anyway, enough of that drama.

Having a time off too had made me realize what I wanted my crafts to be in the future. I feel that the longer I stay in Australia, my expectations change as well. I no longer want to craft with polymer clay alone and would like to include a lot of design elements in my future projects.

I started learning how to resin. UV resin. I even subscribed to toffee and sophie and I have received their subscription box.


I crafted non stop. But I did not post because I want to learn. my knowledge of crafting was reinforced but, it also made me realize that it is forever changing, evolving as I go.


I have never shared this with everyone but, the first time you make something, it does not always turn up perfectly. I have learned to cope up and even expect that. Things turn up differently from what you envisioned it in your mind either because you did something wrong, the materials do not really "behave" the way you expected them to or, you simply lack the skill and knowledge to execute it.Sometimes,I get frustrated that I am wasting away materials because they did not turn out the way I wanted them to. But looking back now, its not wasted. I had had experience.


There are many people who thinks that crafting is for profit alone. Its not. I craft because I love doing it. It is who I am. Whenever I create something, I leave a mark on it and it carries who and what I am.

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