En-lightning experience.....

Friday afternoon I came home from work at about 1pm... I wasn't feeling well so i decided to lay down for a bit...

I fell asleep and was having a good nap when the house phone rang (yes I still have one of those and yes they always ring at the worst time)... anyhow... I rolled over to get out of bed, still half asleep ....as i looked in the living room mirror.....

There was bright white lightning bolt zipper down a pine tree just outside our deck.... I watched as it traveled down the tree in disbelief.... weirdest thing I have ever seen and amazing at the same time!!

The first pic below is from the deck thru the screen (sorry bad pic!)

The bang that followed scared the cats and they scattered.

After the rain let up and lightning stopped I walked out to see the damage....

Tree to the house distance.

My poor dog was on the deck but didnt seem too phased.

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