A controlled demolition of the economy policies concentrating wealth and political power into fewer and fewer hands.


Never in history until Covid-19 hit the scene, had anyone without symptoms ever been designated as a “case.” That doesn’t take into consideration the PCR test that so many were forced to take when they weren’t sick, and it produced a very high number of false positives. The test is flawed and has been used to manipulate the public by hyping the threat and using the manufactured fear to exploit the public financially and politically. Two weeks is going on two years and CDC recently said use of the flawed test will be ending.

There is zero legitimate science that’s conclusive on the efficacy of masking or social distancing. The vaccines have failed a large number including many that have had boosters. This is all bad science while excessively vaccinating the public could be the deciding factor in a vaccine resistant strain of Cv19 being born, not to mention the vaccines have actually created super spreaders of some. And while the overall survival rate has been around 99.7%, vary similar to the seasonal flu which also leaves some with longterm affects, the vaccines are proving riskier for some age groups than contracting Cv19 itself. It’s all junk science when the establishment is censoring facts and expert opinions - manipulating statistics in order to manipulate and exploit the public.

Once the truth comes out, people that suffered premature deaths as a result the establishment’s orchestrated campaigns against effective low cost treatments - could be as high as sixty percent or more of the total deaths attributed to Covid. Then there are suicides and those that couldn’t get testing or treatment for other health issues because of the exaggerated threat of Covid-19. Over a billion people lost their businesses or jobs due to Cv19 policies in 2020 alone. How many of those people and their dependents will meet an early death as a result of poverty related issues as a result of Covid lockdown policies crashing the world’s economy? Why didn’t those people have any rights and why don’t their deaths matter like deaths attributed to Covid-19?

Stagflation - Demand Pull Inflation - New World Order Globalist fascists surveillance police state.

That is what is coming and it has been planned for decades.

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