The variety of artistic materials as an incentive for creativity

Once upon a time, as a child, I studied at an art school. It was a strict academic education, when students draw with watercolor or pencil. In those years, there was no Internet and it was difficult to learn something new, for example, what artists draw at all.

Then, more than 30 years ago in our city it was difficult to buy some art materials. Were sold mostly ordinary gouache or watercolor paint, color pencils, sometimes markers.

Paper, colored liners, dimensions 20x15 cm

Only years later, when the range of art products in the stores became truly limitless, I decided to try for myself a lot of what I did not know in my childhood. For example, here are the thin liners. Now they are a lot of different colors. There are sets of 5, 10 and even 20 pieces. It is perfectly possible to paint something decorative and bright!

Paper, colored pencils, dimensions 20x15 cm

About the fact that there are careline pencils, I knew since childhood, but only today, in stores you can find nabooru for 24, 48 and even 100 pieces. Any artist can dream of such pencils, and now I have such. They are very bright and suitable for drawing almost everything.

Paper, toned charcoal pencils, dimensions 20x15 cm

Charcoal pencils are not so long known. Previously, ordinary coal was sold for drawing, and now manufacturers have learned to make pencils with rods from coal in different mixtures. As a result, there are many shades of such pencils. Usually it is brown, gray and beige. But there are black and even white. They look like pastels, but denser and thinner. Such tools can draw thinner lines and then shade them with a special eraser.

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