The story of how we drew a horse with children

Once upon a time, as a child, I did not know how to draw a horse. I did not understand the anatomical features of this animal and all my drawings with riders turned out incredibly crooked and creepy.

But nevertheless, even such horses were sometimes asked me draw it my classmates in school on ordinary lessons on drawing, because have them worked even worse. To me even lined up a whole queue of children who were asked to draw a horse and them too.

Only years later, when I had to study and learn the tricks of different objects for a long time, I realized all my past mistakes and now I can safely teach my little students how to draw correctly and what to draw.

Now, years later, I regret a little that I did not have such a teacher in my childhood who could tell me these important rules, but my students were more fortunate.

At one of the lessons on drawing pastel I briefly tried to reveal some of the secrets of building a horse's head. It was not very difficult and to my surprise and joy, all the guys and girls coped with the task well.

It's summer, and I miss my students a little bit, who are on vacation until September. But August is the last month of summer and pretty soon I will continue my lessons with the children.

I have in store a lot of secrets that I will soon be sure to share with their young artists.

All works: paper, dry pastels, dimensions 30x20 cm

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