How sketches are born from ideas and dreams

The idea to turn their dreams into paintings and drawings, I was born a long time ago. But it is one thing to draw something known, having a certain shape, while to draw dreams - it is very difficult.

The fact is that dreams seem bright and beautiful only in those moments when we sleep. When we Wake up, everything we have just seen suddenly seems to us somehow vague and meaningless. Here lies the difficulty of depicting strange and bizarre images of dreams. Very few artists were able to convey to us the indescribable atmosphere that they could take out of their strange dreams.

Recently I dreamed that I was on some stairs with an unknown girl. The door is open at the bottom, but on the first floor there is water, which somehow has a depth of endless distance. To my right are rows of books on the shelves, and water lilies float on the surface. Everything had such a bright and joyful atmosphere that I involuntarily wanted to stay there longer.

When I woke up, it was a long time I could not figure out how to be able to compose the picture so that it was both clear and not clear what was happening around. I started with pencil sketches and scribbled out a bunch of paper, outlining the main details of the scene. In the end, I more or less managed to do everything about the way I saw it in a dream.

To work with paints, I took a thick and porous watercolor paper, moistened it completely and made the main color spots that spread and gave the future composition some mystical basis. Then I set to the details. I had to strain my memory to remember a lot of small details from my dream, but in General, it turned out quite plausible.

Zakonchiv to draw in a few hours, I suddenly thought that this idea will need to develop and make larger work, perhaps even oil paints. And plka figure is on the shelf and my mind constantly clings to him whenever I pass.

The most interesting thing is that in different lighting work looks very different. And my wife calls me a weirdo. ))

Paper, watercolor, dimensions 24x36 cm

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