Do not eat colored pencils for Breakfast

Once upon a time, when I was a child, my mother bought me a set of colored pencils. It was a normal colored pencils, 12 colors, but they had one feature - the web can be moistened with saliva and then they painted much brighter. Ten minutes later, my face turned into a terrible horror - I was all smeared with these pencils, like a little devil.

Much later, when I grew up and became much better at drawing with pencils, I wondered - why now my pencils are not wetted with water? Did nothing like that happen, and as a child I just thought that pencils can be washed away? It turned out that there are several types of pencils. Some of them are called - watercolor.

One of the lessons we draw with one student used these pencils. We have a very long and detailed paint here's a bright Pesa, and when finished, I took his work and a soft brush is held over the paper with water. The pattern became blurred and all the lines softened. There was an effect of watercolor paints.

Now in stores a lot of quality colored pencils. They are different in price and produced in different countries. Most of them are of high quality and very bright. But it is watercolor pencils that allow you to expand the horizons of creativity. There are many different ways to work with such pencils. Only one of them is described above.

Paper, watercolor pencils, dimensions 40x30 cm

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2 columns
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