Amazing crayons are not just for kids - oil pastel

Oil pastel is another amazing drawing tool. In appearance, it is like a normal children's wax crayons, but they can draw amazing things!

When I was in art school, we had very conservative teaching. We studied the work with a simple pencil, watercolor and gouache, but did not work with coal, sanguine, even the usual dry pastel did not draw. In those days it was not easy with art materials.

A few years ago I bought a set of oil pastels. Surprisingly, I tried to draw with these crayons even before I started working with dry pastel. It was interesting to get unusual pictures, because they were bright and easy to draw, like colored pencils, only several times easier.

For example, here is a peacock that I drew for one of my classes with the kids, and then he kept lying in the drawer. Recently I pulled out the pastels and decided to finish the drawing. You can work with oil pastels simply by drawing, as with pencils, as well as using the method of rubbing. I usually do this with my fingers, but you can take a piece of paper and blend some area in the picture. Here you can see the large feathers, neck and back of the bird.

Gray paper, color oil pastel, dimensions 35x35 cm

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