The Right way to wash your hands, in case a real contagion arrives.

They talk incessantly about hand washing, touting 20 seconds as a magic potion. In truth, the soap used is much more important.

If you can stand it, Fels Naptha is very strong! With the number of hand washings needed these days, I recommend something a little easier on the skin.

Here is a good soap that doesn't destroy the skin:

Most healthfood stores have this on the shelf. It is very deadly to contamination on the skin. I bought it the first time, to use in my shower during hunting season; to remove any scent.

I was fighting some skin problems on my back, and in spite of several messy prescription creams; was unable to beat this itch. When hunting season was over, I realized that my back no longer itched.

This got me interested, snd thus is one of the things that led me into herbals, several decades ago. That itchy skin is gone, but only for 20 years so far.

So get some if this, and wash your hands with it; for 20 seconds if you like!

THIS Soap will actually kill the chronavirus quickly....

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