Society rewards vanity over useful values


The vanity and beauty of people didn't get us where we are right now. But beauty is better known and admired not just somewhere, but globally and it also goes viral instead of the things that deserve that place more and it is not debatable.

Do you think that somebody will have any use of you growing fine muscles or sleek figure in a gym for years? Do you think the blind will see and crippled walk? Because of your good-looking selfie?

With the flood of female models with Instagrams full of half-naked bodies, it is too hard for their audience to appreciate scientists, engineers, and surgeons.


Because the species of shallow men who support that uselessness have no interest to accelerate the success of their female peers in anything but modeling.

The progress of the human race should not rely on the population of male idiots who have no other interest but personal gratification while contributing nothing significant to society.

We see that all too good with the Taliban and their treatment of the female population. The east was the cradle of science, math, and astronomy and when you see it today after all the religious turbulence, war, and nonsensical orthodoxly barely anything left. The de-evolution.

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I appreciate having a good lifestyle, taking care of health, and body looks, but I don't think that we should have the luxury of jobs that sole purpose is to look good. It is a waste of career time. Effort and money too. Because nobody is made into a beautiful person if they do not work on it. But, a society's obsession over it is disturbing. Those standards should not be placed on a pedestal. The entire internet is saturated with garbage.

And that garbage makes money, for more useless garbage, and then the circle of garbage continues.

Written by transhumanist for Pranz!
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