"Cuovidiocy!" ~OR~ Drive-In Season 2 Rough Draft Trailer

I can feel it coming in the air

But not tonight. Definitely some night a little in the future... hold on... hold on!

Something, somthing... 'N-W0... robot sheep and Anderson Cooper, somethinnng... sssshoot! I forgot what I was saying. And I'm not just saying that to boost my word count! What was it? Uhmmm... (is that enough characters for this to be a non-shortpost?)

Whatever. Okay! So, it had something to do with this thing. See if you can remind me what it was after you watch it. Best comment gets a $5 HBD trophy and a < superdank > custom made </ superdank > meme.

Let's just take a look!

Why doesn't this work?

Fight the robot, fight the robot... grumble.
<TEXT="00FFFF">test color</TEXT="00FFFF">

Shit. I really wanted " custom made" to be Aqua. Sigh. If anyone needs me, I'll just be in my office, learning to code. Have Rita hold my calls unless it's some nice geek with fast advice.