PAL stats after 3 weeks from last check

I forgot about PAL for a few weeks, so I decided to check if there are some big changes :)

At the moment there is 2,107,923 PAL staked by 2548 accounts

Chart I made a few days ago comparing a number of staking users for tribes:

Staking Users.png

So the number of accounts staking PAL is still growing.

The price seems to be secured by that buy order at 0.36. A few days ago, before that order was placed I was really afraid the price could drop really hard... Anyway, imagine how hard it would be selling your stake if you are one of the top holders.



Power Distribution - Excluded nopal4you

PAL Power Distribution.png

PAL Power Distribution long term.png

Looks like small fishes have more power every next day :)

PAL Power Distribution Over Time.png

Liquidity - Excluded token sale order

PAL Liquidity.png

PAL Liquidity long term.png

Liquidity at the similar level like 3 weeks ago.
20% liquid PAL = 0.54 M

3 columns
2 columns
1 column