Don't Sell Yours Tribe Tokens - Use It To Buy Votes - Burn It - Keep Supply Low And Price High


I can see plenty of people are just selling tribe tokens, and moving the price down.
That way by selling your tribe profits one day u can bring the price to 0.01 steem or less.
Then your profits and stake will be worth almost nothing...

Maybe some of you don't know, that u can exchange your tokens for steem votes.
So instead of selling for steem u can get even more in steem upvote.
That way portion of tribe tokens are burned, and a portion goes to SP delegators.
As tokens are burned, supply is lower and token value in the long term going up.

U can also buy tribe tokens and use it for votes, instead of other steem bidding bots. SUPPORT TRIBES :)

How to do it?
It's very easy. Just send tokens to a voting account with a link to your post in memo.
Posts cannot be older than 3.5 days.

Here u have tribe bots I am personally using on my posts:



Neoxian.City ( NeoxAG )

stemgeeks ( STEM )

img source: pixabay

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