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Techno- Report #88 - iPhone X Tesla, the smartphone with infinite battery

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iPhone X Tesla, the smartphone with infinite battery

Today I bring you one of the top devices that have captivated the imagination of everyone in the world, the only problem is its high cost, which indicates that it will only be for a privileged segment of the population, I'm talking about the iPhone X Tesla, the only smartphone that has an infinite battery rechargeable with sunlight. Come with me to learn more about this incredible device.


This powerful mobile has been developed by the mobile company Caviar, which is dedicated to transforming commercial models into real jewels of high value. It has incorporated powerful solar panels as a second battery, which means that in theory did not need any electrical connector to keep the mobile alive.
The most interesting thing is that your photovoltaic panels do not need sunlight exclusively as an option you can choose an artificial light source that will be enough to continue charging the phone or at least is what you can see in his campaign to launch the market upper middle class.


The inspiration for this project is mainly thanks to Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs the only problem is its price, it is estimated that the launch price will exceed 5000 dollars, making this phone is one of the most expensive in the world. They have two versions of 64 GB and 256 GB.


This type of advance seems to have no end every day we are surprised by the companies with new terminals that are more durable and offer an alternative in terms of energy savings if we are not pending such changes in a few years the planet will cease to exist and with us.


The phone in terms of design is not the most attractive because the housing with the solar panel makes the phone thicker and heavier, which means that it is not a phone that sells in terms of marketing elegance and comfort, sells environmentally friendly green technology. In addition, it is very resistant thanks to its construction in carbon fiber of high impact, in addition, it is resistant to the water and the dust, in general terms it is an ambitious cell phone, expensive and that can last in the most severe climatic conditions.
So far they only plan to build 1000 units of the iPhone X Tesla so it will really be a limited edition that only a few will be able to buy. It is also a healthy way to measure what impact it will have on consumers, paving the way to build more models if necessary.


We are in the presence of the most powerful and technological smartphone in the world. Hopefully, in the not too distant future build and market more this model to lower its cost, this will mean a hard blow to the battery manufacturers of the same companies. Although it will also mean that the manufacturing processes of mobile terminals will be more efficient and more respectful with the environment.


Another point in his favor is that the smartphone can be charged with sunlight, artificial light or electrical connection, turning it into a phone with infinite battery, I personally have been fascinated by this model because it meets the global theme of change soon of polluting technologies, taking into account that lithium batteries are highly polluting for soil and water and of course for us humans. Hopefully, soon more will come to market, just have to readjust the size to make a more commercial design and that consumers see it as something tempting to buy. At the moment I see it more as an experiment than anything else.


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