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RITI Coffee Printer

Today I bring you one of the most brilliant inventions I could know, as I told you this week will be dedicated to ecological inventions, and I'm thinking of opening a new section that talks exclusively about ecological technologies, I think it is a broad topic that is not only directed towards the devices there are also construction techniques or intelligent crops that are plotting a different course as a species that so far what has done is destroy the planet. Today I will tell you about the Riti Printer, a printer that uses waste coffee as ink to print. Come with me to learn more about this novel invention.


In this era of inventions hand in hand with the environment, there is an incredible variety of devices and it seems that creativity is increasingly ingenious, to the point of surprising with the capabilities and characteristics of new devices. This is the case of a Korean industrial designer called Jeon Hwan Ju who has created a printer that uses ink made from grains or coffee residues, the industry manufacturing dyes for various objects such as paper, plastic cloth are the biggest polluters on the planet so the idea that a printer instead of using the traditional highly toxic ink for our rivers and seas, uses coffee residues to meet the objective of a printer represents a design or letters on a sheet of paper.


Although it is not a printer for commercial purposes the prototype is advanced showing a bit of the potencies of creating ecological devices, in addition to ground coffee can use tea that also has a natural dye, RITI Printer compared to other conventional printers does not use industrial ink cartridges, RITI Printer does not use electricity because it is more respectful with the environment than other devices, and after printing instead of smelling the toxic smell of the industrial ink, the paper will have an exquisite coffee aroma.


The system that does not use electricity works thanks to manual traction, so it is unnecessary to connect the printer to a power outlet. Maybe it's a little uncomfortable, especially when we need to print a lot of sheets, but I think that if we are aware we won't have problems to print as many sheets as necessary manually.


This represents a challenge as an inventor because the current industry would not see this invention with good eyes, the industry of dyes and prints is a multi-millionaire business, which has brought disaster to our planet is not only the pollution of rivers, seas and land because those who use inks do not find a better way to get rid of the dyes in the most reckless way, also the cost in human health leaving affected millions of people who end up dying or suffering respiratory problems caused by the gases produced by solvents and active solvents in the dyes.


So the invention is very ingenious, and too good to put at risk an entire industry that will do the impossible to get out to other competitors especially because the business of printers is based on ink consumption, and to have a printer that does not use ink but coffee or tea that is the same that we can consume means a total breakdown of the dye trade.


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