Dronelife - Tag that drone!

I've been a (little) bit naughty.

I recently posted (register your drone!) about the new Civil Aviation Authority test and drone registration process. It's dead easy. The LAST thing that you need to do (and very important) is to tag your drone! That way if all hell breaks loose and the propellers take it walkies (flyies?), if it is found it can be identified. That also is the same for any illegal activity, such as your drone is netted over an airport. The operator can then be traced and punished (!)... but as if that will happen right.

I forgot to display my Operator ID!

Drone users face fines of up to Β£1,000 if the fly their device without passing the online test or registering as an operator. So you don't want to get caught out.

I've only flown it once anyway...

You can do this how you like and I'm sure that many will make nice labels. I personally don't have the time, so this shit handwriting on a tangent will have to do for now! Don't you just feel so much better for being such a lovely, law abiding, subject of Her Majesty's Government?

A gentle reminder if you have not yet registered your drone :)

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