RELIABILITY - 8/13/21 - Friday the Thirteenth

I wonder if I'm starting to make actual progress dare I say I'm getting my shit together?.... Let's not go that far quite yet.

One of my favorite qualities in anything in life is just reliability. Not claiming to always be reliable myself, but I'm just saying. Think about it, what else is more important than reliability?

I got a new phone the other week and I'm already back to my old one since this new snowflake of a phone already broke. My old one is better anyway honestly. It was always reliable until it was starting to act weird. Since I started reusing it, it actually seems to have healed itself from it's prior issues like a phoenix rising from the ashes. This particular brand called Kyocera has saved me from my endless cycle of breaking phones that I used to be in years ago. When I bought the new one I went astray from Kyocera and I now regret it. I was lucky too since I had to basically rip out the SIM card. It's been a mess really.

But I am back to old reliable baby! It's a huge relief too because I didn't wanna buy a new phone.

Since I broke the old phone I also missed out on not one but TWO different actifit reports unfortunately. Ugh oh well I guess.

Otherwise life's been ok enough. Just working, I'm very proud of my money moved here on Hive lately and I'm eager to progress moving forward.

Hive is so diverse bro, so many opportunities here it's ridiculous.

It may be unwise but at the end of the day I don't even bother with many other blockchains much. The opportunities here are overwhelming enough at times. Diving deep on other coins seems like a headache to say the least.

I'm just gonna grind here on Hive and Hive-Engine. The blockchain and community have proven to be both strong and RELIABLE.

I'm grateful I have a job and family and goals. I want to be financially free and be my own boss. Take care of my son and my whole family.

One moment, one day at a time though. Gotta have patience.

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