Super tired again. That's a good thing for the most part. Sleep let's me not think about my stressful life LOL. Just some wild dreams.

Saw my son, did some important errands. Watched a good amount of football. Some crazy games for sure. Sometimes I start to wonder if some of these games could be scripted, but it could just be that the game has gotten a lot more competitive. Who knows.

My anxiety and depression and whatnot have been a little less intense, but still really bad. It is what it is.

I felt a crazy bloodrush to the head earlier, maybe the worst I've ever had. You know when you get up fast after leaning over, ya get all dizzy. This time was horrible. The sensation itself was so intense. I sat down on the bed and was just totally confused. I remember like sitting on the bed forgetting how I even got there. My head and even limbs felt fuzzy/tingly. I don't know man, weird shit.

Tomorrow I have a busy day but at least the Titans play so that is nice. Distraction from my joke of a life.

I did read to my son, and that was amazing. Love doing that so much, maybe more than anything in the world. Hive on folks.

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