Facing Death and My Fears_ LOH contest #109

Hello beautiful ladies 😊

This is my entry for The Ladies of Hive weekly contest. I am glad to be a part of it.Two questions were asked. You can read it below.

  1. What is your favorite musical instrument and why? Do you know how to play it? If not, do you think there are limits to learning to play it?

  2. Death is an unusual topic of conversation, but remembering death makes us appreciate life. If this were your last birthday, how would you like to celebrate it and why?
    I would like to answer just one of these today, precisely the second question.

Not that I want to die but whenever death is mentioned people assume that you are going through a lot like depression. But death is inevitable.

Thinking about death is actually good. Knowing that I am just a pilgrim in this world will help me live and make every minute count.

But before death finally comes, I don't want to have died many times before my death like a coward.

So, if it were my last birthday, I would like to celebrate it by facing my fears. I am aquaphobia meaning I have extreme fear of water but of large bodies this time around. It would be really nice to visit an ocean and enjoy it instead of being scared; visit a swimming pool and swim instead of just watching people do the same.

Growing up, going near water was not really supported by my parent. My dad almost got carried away by a river when he was in college. He told my siblings and I this story when we were young and I think this was what instilled that fear in me. My brothers are not scared of water or going near one at all even though we all heard the story.

Since it is my birthday, celebrating it at a pool will be very cool. But I don't want it to be just me, my family and friends should be present. Where we can have fun, eat cake, sip our juice and just pour out our minds... Telling one another how much we love ourselves, sharing those little secrets, releasing grudges if there are any and create beautiful memories together.

The reason I want to do this is because it is something I have loved for such a long time. I don't think I want to miss out on this for the last time.

That's basically what I have envied doing and doing it on that day would be so much fun.

Truly, remembering death makes us appreciate life.

Thanks for reading this far.

Lead Image from Roberto Nickson on Unsplash.

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