Where is Splinterlands going?

The daily active user count is decreasing, and with that the value of in game assets too. The hype driven activity peak completed in October, since then it’s going downward. Well we have to adjust the whole crypto market is down lately the bull market might be over. What’s ahead of us within the bear?


During the hype, lot of fortune seekers had a glance view of the possibilities within Splinterlands, but for those who didn’t want to allocate a fair amount of wealth into a digital fantasy card collection the game had nothing to give afterwards the Bronze league earnings was deprived. The reason was the enormous bot account farming crazy amount of ingame assets, while for the real players with low stake the leftover crumbs was lower and lower day to day.

With the decreasing player count, the demand is going the same direction both for renting and trading cards.

Did we hit the bottom yet, or is there a way back for Splinterlands to be one of the most valuable P2E game within the future?
Some new game projects are going to start within a few month as the new year will arrive, but that’s only the start. 2022 will be the year of a new gaming era where many games will follow the P2E model, therefor the options for the game enthusiast who are seeking something more than game experience, the possibilities will be wide open. How is Splinterlands going to perform within the new market? It depends on the options for the majority, and thats not within Diamond nor Golden league. The thousands of sized bot army is also counted as a minority, favouring them might Halt the project back where it was half a year ago. Bot usage performed well on killing games in history, therefor lack os sanctioning them is equal as favouring....

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