Using HIVE more efficiently, my current approach.

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Taking a measured approach to HIVE

Writing to enjoy myself and not to burn out.

This New Years feels like a good time to get into a new mindset. It is cliché but if I can use a meme/egregore to better myself, then maybe I should try it. So to capture that New Years change-magic-energy-spirit sauce I'm going to make some resolutions myself. 2022 was not that fun, as many crypto and web3 enthusiasts might agree with. There was some ups, but a lot of downs. Many, many downs.

Regardless of all that jazz, taking a measured approach to 2023 is mostly my goal. Instead of semi-floating through this existence, I'm attempting to take a more structured approach. As musicians and 'creatives' go (ugh) I'm about as flighty as they come. But I have this weird sort of ambitious kind of flighty that is sorta hyperfocused and autismo-powered.

This means that "yeah, YEAH, LETS GO GET HYPED!" I'm going to write more here.

Writing on HIVE has been both cathartic as well as... not. In the past, articles that I put a lot of effort into barely get recognized whilst others which were merely a thought got heaps of attention. I suppose that's the nature of an attention economy. I did have a few articles I put effort into gain traction, which was nice.


Letting go of notions on how I should write

Id est: I'm gonna write how I wanna write


If noone really reads it that much then why not write what I really want to. That isn't to say I haven't in the past, but my past writings were much more focused on "talking about NFTs" and "WEB3 is so cool guyz" that maybe it didn't appeal much to a wide market.

So maybe not too many people want to read that shit. Instead of being a total dork, I'm going to try to be a little more light hearted and funnier. I have a nice dark edgy side to my personality that I can and maybe should tap into. I have lots of ideas, I just have an issue with the whole execution of them. That's basically most people I know.

2023 Ride Or Die

I do intend to write short entries, as well as longer ones. I will still write my thoughts down about technical ideas, but also about music, art, aesthetics as well. I understand the irony of writing a lengthy post that clearly states, at the top, my plans on taking a measured approach to writing blogs. The thought was funny in my head which is why I did it, well that and I haven't write a long blog this year yet.

So consider this my first.

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