September bullet journal spread

Hello September! With the new month comes a new bullet journal spread and this time I also decided to keep it simple and efficient. This month is going to very stressful but also super exciting for me personally so keeping up with a bullet journal could be even more useful than usual.

These are my two current notebooks I'm using. At the bottom I have my bullet journal and on top is just my regular journal that I have been using more lately as I feel the need to write down my feelings or just do a general brain dump. Last week I was so busy and all over the place, I completely neglected both of my journals and this week I managed to get back to my favorite pen and paper style of organization/writing. With so many things going on in my life right now, making lists has been a life saver and I just feel a lot better when I know it's written so I don't forget anything.

This is the first and main page for September where I have a calendar for any important dates, events, reminders... Below that I made two columns, one is for the to-do list and the other one is for goals. At first I thought I would just put empty boxes in front of my to-do tasks so I can check them off when I'm done but then I got another idea! I decided to put numbers instead and then when I dedicate a certain day for each task, I will just write down the number of the task in the calendar above. For example, if my number 1 task was to publish this blog post then I would just write down #1 on September 1st. When it comes to goals, I think I have too much space so I will really have to break down goals and be very specific.

Next page is kind of hard to see but I have space for my expenses and my habit tracker. I have been tracking four habits for the past few months but this time I went with six - today when I was filling out my habit tracker I realized that six habits still might feel a little bit overwhelming so I'm not sure if I will keep up with all of them. I used to feel so discouraged and unmotivated when I wasn't able to keep up with my habits, no wonder since I used to track way more than now. Sometimes less really is better!

A new addition for this month's bullet journal spread is September Hive tracker and planner. I have a different list where I write down just random post ideas as they come to my mind but this is more structured list specific for this month. I am actually using a pencil here so if something changes I can easily erase it and move it around instead of crossing off things and making it messy. I also sectioned it my week (my weeks end on Sundays and start on Mondays) just for better post planning and organization. I actually feel like this simple spread will be very useful and I will continue making it in the upcoming months.

With that my September bullet journal tour comes to an end and I hope this gave you some ideas or inspiration if you are also into planning and this type of organization. If you have any tips or suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments. Have a great day everyone! :)


3 columns
2 columns
1 column