Bye bye Boise, Idaho and hello Eugene, Oregon!


Yes, to start the post off I chose a picture of an old beat up dodge, loaded up with the typical bagged soil called Ocean Forest that the P-O-T heads or cannabis consumers chose to grow with on the West Coast of the USA. This picture was taken driving around Eugene, Oregon right after I moved here a couple of days ago.

Boise, Idaho was so chill and relaxing. It was very healing. However, it was just too small of a space for me to compost and more often than not, people in the circles I was in were not really that supportive of this science. Besides to be honest, I really can not see my self natural farming or rather doing KNF (Korean Natural Farming) as it goes against many things I learned with this school. But who knows, maybe I will find good IMO 3-5 samples to microscope that will change my mind.

I will miss walking a block or two to the Co-op in Boise, Idaho in the North End of town. The raw milk and cookies and the Take a book, Return a bookstand was some great times!



It is so green here in Eugene, Oregon. Things seem to grow here effortlessly. I am 35 miles away from where the online soil school,, I am doing and in a city known to be a mecca for composting. Not sure when I will be composting because the name of the game is microscope work. I guess while I will be gathering wood chips and composting supplies, I will be primarily be focusing on microscope work for the next 3-6 months or longer but not really sure. Most of my supplies and microscope will be arriving this weekend and next week. This will allow me to finally practice and start getting ready for when I am assigned a mentor in 4-6 weeks.


So yeah I wanted to hit the ground running with the composting and compost tea making but it would seem I need to slow it down a bit and just focus on this microscope work. If I do get good at this, which I intend to as this school is getting expensive, there will be opportunities to work with the soil school or with businesses from the school who need help.

While, I did move to a place with space, a community who are aware/ supportive of this kind of composting and the go ahead to start rocking out with compost/teas on this property; I have been told to just study study and study the microscope by the school and not expect to compost until get good with the microscope.


(My porch view with a creek and a backyard that needs some love.)

I thought this receipt for my one way car rental to Eugene and this parking garage ticket from Las Vegas that I found in the car was fun synchronistic stuff...



So funny, @dandays either jinxed me or called it, 2-3 months and I was moving already... It was a nice 2 week break from online school stuff but now its time to start doing the online school thing again which means I will be more active on Hive again now that I am mostly settled in and back online.

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