Ponto de Yemanjá - An Original Song of the Sea for Hive Open Mic Week 4

Here's an original ponto cantado (I'll explain this) discovered just this week, offered for the Hive Open Mic. This week's music theme is: "Song of the Sea." Here's a link to the current invitation: Hive Open Mic - Week 4.

The background ocean scene is a bit of footage from our trip to the Gulf of Mexico last week. We stayed on Mustang Island for three days of paradise with our tribe of five. We enjoyed the beach immensely, and I believe the beach enjoyed us being there. :)

After we returned home, we setup a green screen for a video project—a music video. My husband is the owner of a video studio. He's relatively new at the green screen setup, so I was actually surprised to see the wrinkly green fabric disappear in the production process. Here's what it looked like behind the scenes.


Anyway, that's another story. This post is not about videography.

This song here is very special to me. It seemed to appear in my awareness auto-magically while I was wading in the ocean waters. It was a crystal clear day, with obsidian waves. Sweet little sand dollars at my feet. Pelicans overhead. Gentle wind. Soft sand.

The style of song is called a ponto, with its distinct rhythm. In my understanding, a "ponto cantado" is a musical prayer. The literal interpretation of this Brazilian Portuguese expression is "sung point." But in the deeper sense, it is a melodic chant that is used to express praise. To me, a ponto is a connection between the astral and earthly planes—the material and the spiritual worlds.

Why did this song suddenly appear in my awareness? That's a mystery. In fact it was as if the song was singing me. And even as I performed the song here in our living room, I felt carried by it. I felt carried by her: Yemanja / Mother Ocean / the ocean waters / the divine feminine aspect of God. Mystical experience.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? If so, I would greatly enjoy knowing you and learning about your mystical musical experience—I think this is my favorite conversation topic. Let's exchange notes. :)




Thank you so much for being here with me in this adventure. I feel grateful to have the invitation to speak and sing freely from my heart. This is my second open mic entry. I hope you enjoy this song, and I certainly welcome you to sing along and make it your own. It is a gift, freely received and freely given.

I hope this virtual #openmic movement continues to build momentum, attracting more and more musicians and music appreciators. Here's a link to the Hive Open Mic Community, in case you'll join me there.

In my experience, music is a fundamental way we can relate with others and build communities. It is the ultimate form of expression and connection. My heart is happy realizing this. I hope we will all embrace music as the medicine it is, helping us to navigate the waves we encounter in life, even here on Hive.

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