Hive Open Mic Week 1 - The Man Who Told Everything (cover)

Like many others I miss the old #OpenMic contest that was run my @luzcypher. Unfortunately he left Steem some time ago. Now @cabelindsay has kicked off a new one.


There was a theme of positivity for this week and I am not totally sure if that is what this song is about as I do not know what the thought behind it was, but it does have some positive sentiments with 'Get out of bed. Come out and sing. Blue skies ahead'. I have have had the Doves album with this song for ages and listened to it for the first time in a while a few weeks back. This song struck me as one I could attempt.

We need more music on Hive, so why not join us. There are no big prizes to be won, but maybe we can entertain others. That is much needed in these strange times.

I was recording on my PC using an MXL 990 microphone through an M-Audio Fasttrack Pro interface. I have had some issues with that set-up recently where the audio would come through speeded up, but it seems to be working again. I had resorted to using the PC built-in audio, but that has some issues with noise. What I did mess up is that the audio is mono and only on one side. I will look to fix that next time, but I hope it does not spoil it too much.

Rock on!

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