Steemit Openmic week 85 - Sami D. Barid - Im not afraid anymore (I want to return home) (Original piano song)

I loved the small village where I lived. We didn’t have much but we were happy to see each other every day. We are like a big family. The other children and I always built our own soccer balls, told each other stories or threw on cans with stones. That was great fun for me. I lived there all my childhood.

One day a boy from the big city came to our village for 2 days. He visited relatives and tried his best to hang out with us. But he always said, "Throwing a can is really boring" ... I said, "Let's come up with stories, turn off the lights and tell each other!" He said, "Are you really telling stories to each other? You don’t have a smartphone where you can google something like that?" We said, "No, our parents always say something like that cuts you off from the important things!" He laughed: "If you knew what have fun you where I come from ... We do not throw cans, we shoot with air pistols. We do not make soccer balls, we all play in the club! If we want If me and my friends want to hear a story, we write it down in our smartphones and listen to the best story in the world! "
I was so surprised by his words that I set myself the goal of moving to the big city when I'm older.

Said… done ... I moved to the big city. My parents cried but wished me the best. I glanced back in the bus and saw my little sweet village getting smaller and smaller.
After a few days, I signed up for a football club, found many friends, and fell in love with a girl from my class. Life in the big city was a lot of fun. I had a smartphone, I did not have to come up with stories anymore. I had an air pistol with which I shot through the windows of empty houses in the night. I was often hanging out with friends and ultimately had a girlfriend in which loved ...
One day I saw the children from my village in a bus driving down the street. They stopped and were thrilled to see me. I do not know why but they embarrassed me in front of my new friends. I was hiding so they can not see me anymore. My friends laughed at her and somehow I have to admit that I found it funny ... So I kept living with my great life feeling like a rush for a few years… but ... one night ... I saw something that really hurt me ... My girlfriend kissed my best friend, they laughed and talked about how long she will be able to stand with me. They called me a village kid. He even talked about how horny he is when he thinks she is cheating on me.
She patted him on the shoulder and laughed ironically. I can not remember everything because my condition was very confusing. So I ran home, past all the great cafes at all the great clubs and all the great people who laughed so loud because life in this big city is so great…

When I got home, I collapsed. I cried so much that my nose started to bleed. I cried so much that I screamed desperately for my parents. I had their faces in their heads as they cried as I left them. I thought of the children from my village ... what would I give now that they tell me a story? What would I do to hug my parents and tell them what a big mistake I did? I have all the options here ... but ... is not that the problem? I miss telling stories, I miss throwing the stones, I miss my big family who does not have much and is very happy with very little things… I could not stand those feelings that night. I was afraid that everyone in my village forgot me ... I was so scared that the kids of that time were mad at me.
With that fear, I grabbed my smartphone and called my mother, which I have not done for 3 years. And I got even more scared because nobody answered ...
Did she changed her number because she wanted to forget me? The feeling became unbearable. I got deeper and deeper and cried more deeply than ever in my life ...

Suddenly ... my smartphone rang.
It was my mother. I went anxiously to my phone ... "Son?" Is it you? ... while I cried, I answered in a shaky voice, "Yes, Mom, it's me ... I do not know where to start ... I love you Mama ... "Mama cried and said," You can not imagine how good it is for me to hear from you. I thought of you every day. Everything here is just like in your childhood, except that all have become a little bit bigger. I understand that this is boring for you and you want to live in the big city. I understand that... "Mama!" I said firmly ... "Yes?" She asked humbly ...
I want to return home ...

Copyright: Sami D. Barid

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