Hive Open Mic Week 3: Be United As One (Meusigrak Nangroe) My Original Song

This is my video on Hive Open Mic Week 3. Here I sing my original song. The title of the song is Meusigrak Nangroe in English it means Be United As One. I wrote it few years ago after general election of head district in my home town. Witnessing people fight because of political situation gave me inspiration to write this song. Let's be united again as one after "the party" done.

Here is the lyrics and its translation...

Jalan sitapak ateung bineh blang
( The path next to the rice field)

Bak kayee rindang Cahya ijo gle
(The trees and green light of the hill)

Sue ie meurek-rek meualon alam
(The river flow sound natural)

sabe teuidam u nanggroe lahe
(Always Miss my beloved country)

Meuliwet jalan jioh meujarak
(Uphill path still far away in front)

Tajak meusigrak beusare banja
(Let's be united walk side by side)

Hajat kasampoe bek na le guyak
(The election has already done)

Jak ta peuramphak peumaju bansa
(Let's do something for our country)

Tajak-tajak meusigrak ato tapak beusigo (Let's be united walk as one)

Seutot geunareh yang ka meukeubah
(Follow the line that has become our guidance)

Kasep bek na le teublen kasep meuren-ren haba
(Let's stop fighting and arguing)

Jak takeurija bek le lam lumpoe
(Let's back to the real life)

Aduen ngon adoe rakan lam nanggroe
(Brother, sister and all my friends)

Ata yang kalheuh hana pat gisa
(We have no chance to change our past)

tapi yang ukeu yang golom sampoe
(But every thing that happen in the future)

Sabe na watee untuk tapuga
(We always have chance to change it)

With Love,

Reza Sofyan

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