Open Mic Week 85 - Never Let Go, Disqualified

Piano Guitar Dances.


My Tongue, Forever, Enhances.



Here is my music video entry for Open Mic, Week 85.

I'm singing Never Let Go (NLG) and Animals Are Dying, written by me around 2009 for guitar. You can see previous videos I've posted years ago singing these songs while playing guitar and sometimes piano since about 2008, the past ten or so years. Was born in 1985, and this is Open mic 85. Wow.


Open Mic 85, Born in 1985.


This entry may be disqualified as it lacks musical accompany.

Maybe I should try the comedy open mic thing.

I love to create.

Open Mic Week 85 - Never Let Go, Disqualified

2018-05-17 Thursday 07:16 PM LMS: Open Mic 85 NLG

Written By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Published at 9:15 PM

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