Psyberx Gameplay Update + More (5 WEEK COUNTDOWN)

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Before we bring everyone the marketplace and other in-game assets/NFTs (such as the PSYBER Crates), we feel like it's important for us to prioritize the actual gameplay, making sure that our product is up to the standards to ensure the success and the overall longevity of the brand.

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We are excited to announce. . .

In 5 Weeks we will release a preview of the gameplay, which will showcase everything that has been developed so far: UI completion and other in-game mechanics such as fighting(shooting, melee combat, using explosives, dodging, crouching, taking cover, killing, screen recording in-game, and much more.

We have also created 5-10 environments to showcase in-game features as well as to bring you into the PsyberX Universe. (These will be tied together when the full game is launched, as it will be a map similar to Fortnite with many biomes)

Soon after we will begin Alpha testing with our Founders!
exciting times ahead!

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After the new gameplay video has been released, @saltyreptile will be hosting a live AMA on the official PsyberX Discord channel to answer any additional questions you have about the game.
The AMA will take place shortly after the release of the officially released gameplay footage.(CLICK HERE to join)

Other things going on in the PsyberX World

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Our last Splinterlands tournament was a great success! Huge thanks to everyone that participated.

There will be another PsyberX Splinterlands tournament hosted by @dynamicrypto

Don't forget to participate for a chance to earn some sweet sweet #lvl rewards. (Click Here to join)

Next is a Social Media Giveaway #2 Hosted by @laritheghost

Our first social media campaign went very well as we accumulated over 25+ entries, this time we are giving everyone an opportunity to win some #lvl tokens by becoming a bounty hunter.
CLICK HERE to read all about it.

The best way to keep up with all this information is to join the Discord Channel and follow us on our social media page.

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