Splinterlands Giveaway - #13


Hello fellow TCG enthusiasts!

My experience so far with this community has been great. As such, I want to give back a bit and offer a daily giveaway to celebrate these awesome reward cards and hopefully get them into use given they are quite powerful.

The Prize

Winner's choice of one of the below reward cards or 10 DEC:


How to participate

  1. Upvotes highly appreciated as they help me to continue hosting these but not necessary. Also not required but follow for future giveaways.
  2. Leave a comment including the desired reward and the Splinterlands name the reward should be sent to.
  3. Spread positivity in your life.

I will be using the Peakd Random Picker tool to select a winner which will be announced in my next giveaway post.

***The previous tool, Hive Picker seems to be out of commission so this will be my go to for now. Still not as user friendly but we will make do.

Previous Post's Winner


Congrats @technocrypton

Past Participants:
@ace99, @adulruna, @amaari, @amaillo-m, @arkasz, @babapua, @caimanx, @chaosmagic23, @cpol, @darmst5339, @dlmmqb, @eman13088, @emd012, @firefist91, @greenoracle, @hachiken, @half-fast, @joshnaire, @kapitantut, @kerrislravenhill, @kevinnag58, @legnare, @liquid-miracle, @luizeba, @lurefish1, @myothuzar, @restongungui, @shamzz, @silentwill, @spryquasar, @subidu, @summoner-cha, @technocrypton, @terrortor, @theacks, @thomas4711, @tjnanda, @tlsovotl, @txracer, @zenitsu12


Post Tax


My phone has yet to be replaced so today's tax is another guest appearance from my Dad's dog 'Lucky'. This guy LOVES that bandana. When it is being washed he will sit there waiting by the machine until its done. Wildest thing I think I've seen a dog get attached to. Fun fact, he was named Lucky because my dad was lucky he didn't die hitting him while riding his motorcycle on the way home from work. Lucky was a stray we brought in after he followed my dad home on that motorcycle and no one claimed him.



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Helpful Details

Monster Curator
For those of you that blog, consider delegating your SPT to @monster-curator for daily SPT payouts. For more information checkout their how-to post here.

Hive Basic Income (HBI)
HBI is effectively an automated curation tool which will upvote your HIVE posts forever. It is an amazing way to ensure you get some income from all of the time you spend teaching others via posting your strategies, analysis, and thoughts. You can read more about HBI in their FAQ.


If you are new to the Crypto space and wish to support Atlas, Nobu, and myself, please utilize the following referral links. You can also support me via Tip directly through Hive, including my name in a HBI purchase, or via a card/DEC donation.

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Gods Unchained
Exode - 2 free alpha booster packs
Rising Star

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