OneLoveIPFS Deprecation Notice


Effective today (at time of publication), the following features will be deprecated due to low usage and many other reasons:

1. STEEM/SBD payment method

As we no longer have any way to retrieve the transaction ID (receipt) from Steem public nodes (and the fact that we do not run nor maintain Steem nodes), maintaining support for such coins is no longer feasible in the case of any payment issues. Hence, STEEM/SBD will no longer be accepted with Shawp and all references to them will be removed from the source code.

Since the implementation of Shawp, there are only 3 such payments so far out of over 100 payments we have received.

2. Coinbase Commerce

Due to the implementation of the 1% processing fee on all payments through Coinbase Commerce, BTC, ETH, BCH, DAI, LTC and USDC payments which currently uses such payment gateway will no longer be supported. While we may keep references to the gateway in the source code, functionality is not guaranteed as it will no longer be maintained.

Only 2 payments have been made through the gateway since the implementation of Shawp.

3. Skynet uploads

siad nodes have a substantially higher system requirements compared to plain IPFS nodes as a full blockchain sync is required. Due to low usage in the last few months, it is no longer economically feasible to upkeep file contract costs. All existing file contracts will no longer be renewed by OneLoveIPFS team, but existing uploads may continue to play if other Sia nodes have the video Skylinks pinned.

Unlike the above two deprecations, support for Skynet uploads will be kept in the source code. Although we can no longer guarantee the functionality, pull requests that fixes issues related to Skynet uploads will continue to be accepted.

Future of OneLoveIPFS

While there has been a lack of any updates this year, we will continue to maintain all other features of the hosting service, such as tus resumable uploads and cross-chain posting. Currently, I (@techcoderx) am working as much as possible towards the release of Alive Protocol, as the only remaining element of the protocol that needs to be completed are the core user interfaces.

Putting that aside, we will exploring cross-platform posting such as 3Speak (and the SPEAK network) and the addition of ERC20 token payments on layer 2 EVM chains once the MVP of Alive Protocol is completed, perhaps for a potential OneLoveIPFS v3 release in 2022.

If you have any enquiries regarding our uploader, feel free to contact us on our Discord server.

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