Welcome to Ecency


I am happy to share my recent illustration with you. It is located at the welcome page of ecency.com - formerly eSteem which is the fastest, great looking web interface (desktop and mobile friendly) for Hive.

Ecency.com Welcome Page

Ecency founder, great developer and just really good man @good-karma asked me to draw some guys and girls for @ecency web welcome screen. I've done quick draft. Then we've managed to correct it a little bit and that's it.


Started sketching on paper with pen and ended up adding two more people to the group on computer using Leonardo drawing app for PC which I really like for good imitation of real materials.



I was in rush to finish it and we even approved this first iteration but after a week or so I've opened this illustration again, checked it and got a feeling it is not finalized and looking like a draft.


Decided to invest more time in it and now I am more satisfied with the final result. Hope you like it as well.


As usual, I've done this work in Adobe Photoshop using my Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 tablet PC as a graphic tablet drawing with stylus right on the screen.

ecency banner
My illustrators portfolio at dunsky.ru

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