Playing Bees Characters


One of my recent commercial illustration orders approved and went to the production. Finally I am able to share it here. This was additional task from turkish diapers brand which I've worked before. They needed two more characters. The mood of this small bee is my own mood. It's really hard for me to create any negative emotions if my clients asks me. Even if I create negative character it become cute and loving because this is how I feel inside. Luckily this particular character had to be exactly same mood so there was no efforts on creating at all.


Usually I am starting from pencil sketches. Here you can see mixed - male penicl plus digital corrections for female sketch.


Few more corrections after client's comments and then it went approved for coloring.


Final approved result

This is how it came out in final. I've done it Adobe Photoshop. Still drawing on my old Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 tablet PC. I like that I can draw right on the display and this device is really light weight, small. I can take it anywhere with me for work.


By the way, I've created this post using @ecency web interface (formerly eSteem). It is the fastest on Hive, has drafts, mobile friendly and the most beautiful in my oppinion because I've participated in it's user interface design 😂

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