My brother joined Hive | Give him a warm welcome won't ya ;)

I just really love how Hive is growing so naturally these days, one of the major advantages of being and staying under the radar for as long as this network has. Not growing much in quantity but in quality instead, through those we invite and who decide they want to participate with what they know and are interested in. Learning curve is still steep but some come and decide to stay to help this place thrive!

This crypto-doldrums time right now gives us perfect opportunity to introduce Hive to our friends and family, to people who may be on the search for a more meaningful way of living, who want to share their process and their thoughts about the world we are living in and to build new tribes of their own in the process. Anyone is interested in something and if they are able and willing to share their passions this network becomes richer!

I feel once the bullrun is in full swing again, Hive - like Steem in the past - will burst with countless new people, many of which maybe not the most genuine and well-intentioned. You know how it is when the prices go through the roof - any- and everyone will come to join up and shitpost until they learn that this place rewards #proofofbrain more than anything else. It'd be perfect if we had strong communities and networks in place when that time comes, only to set the bar high for all newcomers.

And so it is with great great pleasure that I welcome my dear brother @re-cognition to the platform who finally came onboard to start sharing his journey with the community. I am super thrilled <3 <3

So if you want to say hello head on over to his profile to give him a warm welcome. His presence here is a major PLUS for the platform I am sure many people will learn a lot from him.

Time to shake hands and party <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3

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