Odds and Ends — 9 September 2021


Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Who was selling? Not HODLers’ — New data hints at Bitcoin crash ‘culprit’ amid leverage wipe-out

Large Investors Are Behind Binance Smart Chain’s Rapid Growth: Nansen

The report by the blockchain data firm counters the widespread belief that retail investors were largely responsible for Binance Smart Chain’s rapid growth.

Coinbase Threat Shows There’s a New Sheriff in Town

U.S. Congress stuck between a rock and a hard place on raising debt limit

Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

QAnon Backers Push Hospital to Give Woman Ivermectin

Just Say It: The Health Care System Has Collapsed


Trump, without evidence, already claiming Gavin Newsom recall election is 'rigged'

NOT from The Onion: Bannon’s ‘Gladiator School’ Evicted from Italian Monastery

Biden Tells 11 Trump Appointees to Resign Immediately

Several of the appointees have already said that they’re not going to resign. Yeah, good luck with that. Call it a guess, but within 24 hours, none of their passwords, keycards, or access codes will still work. Don’t let the door bang your butt on the way out.

Terrorized U.S. election workers get little help from law enforcement

UK Hikes Taxes to Highest Since World War II

Top 1% Are Evading $163 Billion Annually In Taxes

The analysis comes as the Biden administration is pushing lawmakers to embrace its ambitious proposal to beef up the Internal Revenue Service to narrow the ‘tax gap,’ which it estimates amounts to $7 trillion in unpaid taxes over a decade.

I’d have to guess that its ambitious proposal to beef up the Internal Revenue Service will probably be DOA. All Republicans will oppose it, as will at least some Democrats. Gotta keep those big donors happy.

The Stars Are Aligned For A Once-in-a-Generation Change To A More Progressive Tax Code

Harry Reid Calls on Senate to End Filibuster

Manchin will likely be a wuss but (crazy thought), what does Kinzinger have to lose? He’s almost certainly going to be punished by Trumpists and have his district carved up by the state legislature when they redraw district borders.

So What Was Jason Miller Doing in Brazil?

Virginia's Massive Robert E. Lee Statue Has Been Removed

Oddly enough, Trump thinks the dead traitor would have been the key to “complete and total victory” in Afghanistan.

How Delta Beat Biden


A Banksy Piece Was Shredded At Auction In 2018. Now, It May Sell For Millions More


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