A Warm Winter's Day at the Water - Just for Your Viewing Pleasure

When things get stressful, I find myself gravitating towards peaceful things. The ocean has always been a place for me to find peace and reconnect; to take a breath and slow down. So I thought I'd share some photos of a recent little jaunt to the seaside, just for a breather.

Winter Seaside

winter seashore kara elizabeth.jpg

I love the beach during the winter months. So mellow. The angle of the sun is different too, so it creates really cool, soft lighting that looks oh so different from the strong summer sun. I call this the "calm season".

Sea Foam

I love the look of the sea foam gently rolling up to the shore. I feel like I want to do a series of paintings of this. I think that would look lovely on a wall, maybe a trio of paintings.

sea foam kara elizabeth.jpg

Jutting Jetties

jetty walk kara elizabeth.jpg

These rock jetties are a good source for slowing down and being attentive. You have to walk slowly and pay attention to where you're stepping as you go out on the jetties. The waves crash in rhythmically as you go, reminding you that your are part of something wild and bigger than yourself.

Strength, & Something Lasting

Seeing something so solid that has been around for a really long time seems to give me comfort. Knowing that there are solid things, real things, that have strength makes me feel good; as if it's something that I can count on.

jetty kara elizabeth.jpg

So even though I may only have a little bit of time to take a break, it's so worth stopping and connecting.

Hope this imagery was enjoyable for you too. Take time to slow down, and enjoy something soothing. I guarantee you won't regret the time spent.

Warmth and Love,
Kara Elizabeth


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