Hive: Author of the Week initiative

Hive: Author of the Week initiative


Each community is its own micro-ecosystem with their own curation guidelines, content creation rules, active users, contests and specific initiatives. By having a coordinated effort by many of these communities, we will create a readers digest that includes the best article from each community; this digest will be heavily promoted on Twitter.

  • Content Creation: We want to encourage long-form content creators to publish more content and of higher quality within their own Hive communities.
  • Onboarding: By promoting the very best Hive content on Twitter we expect to catch the attention of potential users, and then onboarding niche creators/consumers to Hive.
  • Decentralized Curation: Hive communities can use the Polls feature engraved on Hive to enable the Hive community to have a say on what gets rewarded. The community gets involved in rewarding what deserves to be rewarded.
  • Weekend Engagement: Hive activity drops during the weekend, which is understandable. By encouraging users to become content consumers and poll voters during the weekend, we aim to increase the activity on Hive from a contest consumption perspective.


They key to achieve all of the above is organization and coordination in order to create synergy from all the Hive communities who want to be part of this. The process is simple:

For communities

1- The community curation team picks the best 4 posts of the week published on their community according to their own internal guidelines.
2- On Friday, preferably during the evening (PST), they announce the winners of the previous week, and also announce the four contenders for the week to come (on this first week they will only announce the contenders). On this announcement they also encourage their community members to speak out and use their vote on the poll to decide who is the author of the week. The polls close at midnight PST on Sunday. This post must use the tag #topauthors.
3- The community team creates a poll with the four posts as options and includes the link to it on the announcement from point #2. The poll must use the tag #topauthors so that anyone who wants to vote on all these polls can find them easily.
4- The community votes on these polls, actively deciding which author should be author of the week of the community, effectively deciding who wins the "Community author of the week"

From the initiative

1- @ocd, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and @leofinance will vote on the community announcements, as well as the weekly digest. From the total announcements' rewards, 60% will go to the winner, and 20% will go to the author of the post/community, and 20% to the Twitter marketing budget. From the digest rewards, 100% will be used for marketing and promotion on Twitter.
2- The Digest will be shared on Twitter using relevant #hashtags and an adequate Tweet & Thread composition in order to reach the correct target audience, powered by #posh. One Leo Finance ambassador will handle this Digest as well as the Twitter Tweets/Threads every week as part of their tasks in order to allow this initiative to not cost anything to the Hive ecosystem, other than a decentralized allocation of extra rewards for authors and communities.

Future plans

If this initiative picks up and we detect a good response from the Twitter audience, we will grow this concept into a full SEO website, NFTs for the weekly winners, a bigger and diverse prize pool (tokens from the communities) and some other ideas, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

1- If you are a community leader and you haven't been approached to become part of this initiative, please reach out to @anomadsoul#8455 on discord.
2- This initiative is coordinated by @anomadsoul | @khaleelkazi in collaboration with @acidyo and @eddiespino, and supported by @blocktrades, @ocd, @theycallmedan and @leofinance.
3- The owner keys of this account are held by @acidyo, @eddiespino and @anomadsoul.
4- Everything regarding transactions and marketing expenses will be posted here for transparency purposes.
5- We will post weekly analytics and reach of the Tweets to track how effective this initiative is.

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