Enjoying The Aquarium! After Cuting The Plants Heavy For The First Time!

Hi all and lets have a view of the current situation in the livingroom.
We set this aquarium up in november and you can check it in my blog @sandymeyer.

We have a lot of plantgrowth and let it go wild since the setup. A strict no pruning time.
This way all the plants can migrate and groe a strong root system.

The fish love the space and swarm through the whole length of the aquarium.
Nice to see them swiming in a group like that.

I took out a lot of the surface plants, but still a nice carpet remains. The look of it is just to nice 😊

This wood was totaly overgrown with mos 👇 and now it looks just brilliant.

Looking at this images, you would not guess that I took out about 40% of all plants.

Awsome to see all the shrimps (neo cardina) growing a population.

The plants look so healthy, ethen dough there are a lot of snails.
But nit to worry, in the set up, I put some HHelena snails in there (this are snail predetors) (snail eating snails) to have a pestcontrol as snail invasions are common with heavy planted aquariums.

And happy news, the Helena snails have made a lot of offsprings that are now growing up eating all tha snails eating my plants in there.
It is a ongoing war in there but thats nature I guess.

Thank you for having a look, follow @sandymeyer to get future updates and awsome insights about fishkeeping with heavy planted aquariums!

Ps. The plants taken out of my aquarium went to fellow hive acation blogger @bensworld.
@bensworld made a post of hiw his aquarium looks before and after adding all the plants!
Check @benseorld last post, it is epic!

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