Those who dont jump will Never fly - The Jumping Spider

Those who dont jump will Never Fly

The Jumpig Spider

As you all have observed my past few posts are limited to food (eating) and macros of insects and flowers. What I always fascinated are the Spiders, the jumping Spiders.

For me it's not been easy to capture a spider speciality the jumping spider. The jumping spider as name says will always jump when they dance danger and heights. Exactly like the spider man they hold to the jumping surface / place with the spider web and swing down till they feel they are nearing a safer place. They will jump on the leaves and crawl into the leaves and bushes.

I was lucky to have some time with the special guest. He took time to pose for seconds and get some good shots.

The photographs of the jumping spider is my entry to the community of #amazingnature and also to the lovely community of #fascinatinginsects


Camera Used
Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone with prosumer macro lens
Location in Harihar India. The spider was jumping on the fresh green curry leaves branches. Though we use the curry leaves for cooking in every non sweet dish we make, the tree attracts lot of insects. And these spiders build a bigger barrier of spider web to catch their prey.

It stayed only for few seconds before it jumped inside the tree branches where I could not reach




And I believe that these are the spider eggs. And few have hatched out and the corner left one is still having something inside. Here is the closer picture


Catching spider and making them pose for you is a very difficult thing for me. May be some do it so easily or their spiders are photo friendly like those models.

Hope you liked the above photographs.
Take care and day safe.
Have a happy weekend 😊

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