The terrible yearning for social contact...

Flandriens and their café

I am having a bad, I admit it. The lockdown is getting me, the lonely feeling that social distancing has brought me a slight depression. As a true Flandrien (the true meaning of that word is for another post), I love, no, I live for the drinks in the pub after the football game. The small-talk that evolves into very deep discussions about the meaning of life and sometimes just about tits... The man hug between two alpha males that just drank a little too much to remember their alpha hood.
The feeling of being part of something bigger when step on or of the football pitch with your teammates.
I could go on and on and give hundreds of examples of the things I miss very thoroughly right now...


But sadly we are still prohibited to do any of the above, and I know, we supposedly do this for the bigger picture, but right now I really couldn’t care less... I’m sorry!

Takes us out of this crap, please!



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