My introduction post

My name is Lara. This is my introductory post to Hive. I was told about Hive by my very good friend @hislab.


Just a day old here an I am already liking it. The fact is like is an understatement am in love with it already. My expectation is having a community that brings out the best in me really wants to shoot me to the highest point of my potential which I really want to attain. I believe finally I have the floor here in Hive

I started learning about python programming last month and am loving it. Before my introduction to python I love writing stories. However, with the taste of python programming language stories has become a boring thing to me. Now all I want is talk about tech, AI, Machine Learning and Web 3 these and more is what interest me.

I know with the right motivation I will achieve all I want to. I Love dog as a pet. No hard feelings on cat and parrot or even rabbits but dog is my favourite and the only one we have now is Bella picture bellow


Creative thinking is what has made our world this beautiful and my area of strength is the part of creativity. I will ensure with tech I will impart and at the same time make my world and community a better place.

I also enjoy modeling but my body structure is not built for it. I have no intention of diving deep though but I enjoy taking pictures, selfie and photographs of things in my environment.



Thanks for reading my introduction post
You are highly appreciated

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