Plant Propagation Stations!!!


I thought I would start posting my youtube videos here, if you enjoy the content I create I would love for you to headed over to my YouTube and give me the support there as well! YouTube is something that I'm very passionate about, I want to make awesome content and I would love to feedback for anything.

I haven't really found a large gardening community on here, but maybe I need to start one. If there is a garden and community on this platform, please let me know so I can join it and express my love for gardening and plants over there as well

In today's video, I talked about the propagation stations that I used and that I have made in my own home. Out of my own things and not purchasing very expensive vessels to do this in. This was filmed a couple weeks ago, so since I've made it and I've gained a lot more propagation. Because I'm obsessed with propagating on my plants.


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