No Way Out

Times change, everyday uniquely different from the past. It's of necessity that all should that is to be considered should be related.
Although when it comes to decision making, take your time to determine the best course of action and when the action had been taken, all that is required I'd to wait for the consequences of the action.
For me, there's always one way out at all times, that is- the way forward.
One fact I don't seem to comprehend is the ignorance of getting engaged in an action that consequences are high, just get ready to jump higher f it comes to your door step.
I guess I'm too calculative.
It's so funny I'm saying "I'm guessing."
The truth is I'm too calculative, my every move my every word.
Exactly, should the words have its course in a projected direction, so finally we'd to hold it- the Nirvana -the future that is is our hands. The fact needs to be seen by the Generals.
It's war, then why do we act like it's peaceful.
I'd gladly let the demons out, let them have their take. The demons are good ones, just exactly as its needed: self control.
Self control over oneself in all totality and at that point, it's a breakthrough.
The good, the bad and the ugly all in one, so don't get me so misconstrued.
So I held my pen while Young Thug- tell me if you need it, plays on through my earpiece. Now all is back up.
Damn, it's been 4 days in total darkness, power comes in and had been on for the missed days
Truth is, its just a circle, we'd keep going in circles; what goes up must come down.
The inevitable happens and when the inevitable doesn't happen, it only means one thing, the inevitable has happened.
Currently on the next level and it certainly can be felt, it's so loud I can't hear myself.
Super star Dj Ajay Abba- Leggo Summer Vibez, bursting through the speakers.
So who am I?
Na question be this ooo
I have no idea what to say and that word deals with revolution.
I know it can all happen.
Everything is attainable, its all within reach, just do what had to be done.
Let the fresh air in, breathe and let it all go.
Get ready to embrace the unknown, this path had only one direction because all directions has been experienced.
One way left and that way is "no way out."
All the way, there's no way to back away, just keep the strides letting it all roll out and it's going to be grand.
What's the deal?
The deal is to do that which is somewhat impossible, and they shall all attest.
That's alright, I'm starting to feel myself, of course, if I don't hype myself, who would?
Rest if you must but don't give up.
All in.
Nothing is left it's all been given up.

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