Articles curated by @project.hope: Review of my top 3 post #2.


Hello fellow steemians, Admire the trouble of few individuals and community made well-which means efforts to accumulate people of similar passion.

In recent time I took my time to study the lovely community @project.hope and friend @crypto.piotr and team who is trying to but up individual with soild context.


however the goal is to build community which is active, so to prioritze those users which are helping to engaging with others within our team.

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The community project related to topics covered technology, blockchain ,AI, economy, business,virtual reality, cyber-security and others.

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Here are the Top 3 articles I enjoyed the most for the @project.hope community.

Note: for time been i will be doing this one a week in Promoting the community Here we will be sharing with you some of the most interesting post we have come across but first each of the post picked has been carefully selected for their construct, information, beauty and creativite.

  1. What is a digital twin and why it's important to IoT. By @omo-ope


This post talk about the digital illustration of a bodily object, manufacturing and into the merging worlds of the internet of things, artificial intelligence analytics.

2.. Psychology Of Fear by @samminator.


This post is very informative because is teach me all i need to know about the fear of human which are the fears of loud noise (phonophobia) and the fear of falling (basophobia) according to

3... What are the investments that can make you rich before old age? By @teach-me.

The post is Interesting because all the step and what you have to do, so that we you are old you will enjoy your retirement and stay happy indeed the username and this post showed me a lot.

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Thank you for reading.

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