Footers for Ecency lovers


Hi guys, my name is Fil Dunsky, I am illustrator drawing such a cartoonish characters and all other stuff for different companies from all over the world. Here is my recent contribution for our community.

I've done this for eSteem long ago but now since eSteem rebranded to Ecency with a new logo, improved style, better and much faster codebase here new footers are for our community. Feel free to use them in your posts if you like Ecency and like that footers of course. I hope in nearest future there will be a in-build footers feature in Ecency. But for now just copy that code and paste it into your draft so later on you can use it any time.

Footers for Ecency users

Posted using Ecency Love

[![Posted using Ecency Love](](

Posted using Ecency Coin

[![Posted using Ecency Coin](](

Posted using Holy Ecency

[![Posted using Holy Ecency](](

Simple Posted with Ecency footer

[![Simple Posted with Ecency footer](](

Ecency Love

[![Ecency Love](](

For Ecency curators

Thank you for using Ecency

[![Thank you for using Ecency](](

Vote for @good-karma witness

Vote for witness

[![Vote for witness](](

Vote for witness

[![Vote for witness](](

Vote for witness

[![Vote for witness](](

My illustrators portfolio at

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