Summer Adventures - Cornwall & Devon - Full Shoot.


So, the summer holidays are here, and my word, it kicked off with a rather hot week. I headed down to Cornwall for the first week of the holidays, in which I really enjoyed, although the place where I was staying was really out in the sticks, and about 45 mins or so to the coast.
Anyhow, I had a bit of an adventure around both Devon and Cornwall as I was staying on the border of both counties.

Here's just a few shots that I took that thought was OK, sadly I wasn't the driver, so didn't have access to a car where I could just bugger off as of when I wanted, especially for the nice light, so I took shots when and where I could, none are the best shots in the world, but they will do, at least until I am back down there in September :-)

The first two shots are of St Micheals mount, one of my favourite places. But sadly, the National Trust have changed the ruling and you can only visit the island if you have paid to go in either the gardens or the house. Before you could decide and still visit the lovely little village on the island, NT state that it's to protect the residents on the island etc (not covid related). My guess is that they saw the footfall on the island and realised that a percentage wasn't going around the house so they've made it so you've got to if you want to visit the island.
Why do things never change for the better?




Near to where I was staying was Kit Hill, with a monument on the top of if, and beautiful views over the Cornish and Devonshire landscapes and was the highest point of where I was staying.
I was so surprised how busy it was up there at 9pm, there was someone having a little party, only 4 of them, but it sounded like a dozen with the row they were making, ruining the peace and tranquillity that people go up there for.
As I came down the hill (there's a car park at the top), the police were heading up there, so maybe they got reported.

I also visited lands end, no fancy photography done on this, in the 30 odd degree mid afternoon sun. But I like the shot anyhow.
I had one of the nicest Cornish pasties there, although it was a cheese and onion one, it was absolutely gorgeous.




The nearest "big" town to me was Tavistock in Devon, this is a lovely town with lots and lots of history.
I wanted to get some long exposures of the little bridge the spans the River Tavy, I did end up in the water, but the light had gone from one extreme to the next, the last day was more cloudy and soft light, making images look a bit flat, but I still like these shots.636b94b0_1653_488b_b2e3_ff998238e8c7.jpg

Tavistock also has a couple of old churches and a chapel and some gorgeous buildings there too, Sir Francis Drake was also the Lord Mare of the town way back when.




Last but not least was a trip Plymouth, when we finally parked the car up we made our way over to Plymouth Hoe, it's a gorgeous place on the Hoe (you can't beat a good Hoe lmao), I was so surprised by the massive breakwater out to sea with a fort type structure on it. I really do need to go back and do some more exploring on this city.
It was great to watch the Brittany ferries boat from St Malo come in, do a turn and then reverse in to the dock.

Beautiful blue seas.

I hope you've liked this selection of images from my West Country adventure, I love it down there and would love to live there one day.

All shots created using a Sony A7iii with a Canon 24-105mm F/4 L lens (adapted) and a Samyang 14mm F/2.8 Lens (native).

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