It wouldn’t be Cornwall without an old tin mine.


I’ve had this location on my list of places to photograph for a while, the last time I was in Cornwall, the weather was absolutely rubbish so I never went through to St Agnes to photograph this mine.

His time has been different and the weather so far in Cornwall hasn’t been too bad, so trying to make the best of it while I still can.

I found the little car park for this mine quite easy although be aware, there are some rather narrow roads on the way up. I had a gentle stroll over to the top part of the mine, it must have been massive in it’s time as he main bullying was still there and remains of numerous out buildings too.

I then saw it, the one building I’ve been wanting to photograph, this was was further down the cliff, with a steep path zigzagging around, but I finally made it, I wasn’t looking forward to the hike back up the cliff, what with y very dodgy knees in my old age.

As you can see, once I got down the steep part, there was a lovely flat pathway past the mine, this made for some great exploring.


After I was hanging on the edge of a cliff to get the shot I wanted, I decided to have a look inside the building. Thankfully still a bit of daylight coming through, so I could see all the drops I could have easily fallen down otherwise.
Imagine looking through the window of the mine and seeing this, right before you go underground with only a candle as your source of lint for the next 12 hours, hard times.

That’s it for today, not sure where my Cornish adventure will take me tomorrow, but I really hope you do like my shots from today.

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