Your name on my isograph!

I had in my mind an idea about my next isograph pen purchase from Rotring. For those of you who nicely followed my journey as an artist here on Hive, you know that I worked on my pointillism drawings with a 0.25 mm pen. Last week I managed to destroy it accidentally, the metal tip broke in 2, unfixable. It was my fault, I was clumsy 😔 I could not sit and mourn. I have a new drawing in project and I need an isograph. So the Universe decided that time has come for a new purchase. Sooner than I thought.

My plan was to use all of the money accumulated from my patrons from my Patreon page to invest in my art. Embarassing or not, I only have now 1 loyal patron on my Patreon page. And I am grateful and proud.Making it big as an artist is tough. I was sad when the other 2 decided to no longer support me as an artist, but I can respect their decision and be at peace.

Since I made my patreon page I had a total of 3 patrons, I list them in the reverse order of their financial contribution

Jirka V. : 1 Febr 2020-1 april 2020 3rd place
Raul P. : 1 June 2020-27 June 2020 2nd place
Adam L: 4 May 2020 - present 1st place

I promised to myself that I will use whatever money I get from Patreon exclusively for my art. Now the time has come. I want to thank each of those 3 for being there:thank you Jirka, thank you Raul. I am especially grateful for the one who stayed.Adam 😊🙏


It means so much as a struggling artist to have at least one person to cheer you up when you feel no one notices you and your art enough to contribute as a patron. I am an anonymous artist now, only my Hive friends know me hehe. And I am so grateful for all of your support here, it really helped me a lot mentally to keep on going!

I decided that I will show my gratitude and I will reward loyalty for whoever decides to stay my loyal patron on Patreon. I will make a monthly check on my patreon and paint those names on my isograph. Forever. I will give a worthy mention and appreciation for everybody, but I value loyalty and long term commitment in regards to my art and my personal life. I just need it for my moral as an artist to have some people just stay on the long run, no matter how hard it gets. It means so much for an unknown artist to see the tiniest bit of support...So next to all of the mentions, I will make a monthly special mention for all the patrons who will stay with me. For now, it's just you Adam and I will mention you everytime I finish a pointillism drawing. For as long as you decide to keep supporting me😊 Whoever wants to be specially mentioned everytime I finish a pointillism drawing you just have to remain my patron on the long run, it's that simple😊

So I ordered a 0.1 mm isograph tip which I will attach to the 0.25 mm body of the broken pen. I had insufficient patreon funds to buy an entire new one. So I take the old body of 0.25 and I add the new 0.1 tip. Each of the 3 patrons contributed and I thank them all.

Become my patron here. Pick between 1, 5 and 9 $ tiers

Adam, Raul, Jirka you are now painted on my rotring pen.

Adam you will be mentioned everytime I finish a drawing for as long as you will continue to support me as a patron monthly, it is my gift to you.

I will give this gift of special mentioning to every patron who will be there for me when some will decide to walk away.


Whoever wants to join them on my pen, you know what you have to do. I hope I will have the honour of having some of my Hive friends' names on my isograph. Now that would be awesome. If I will even mention you monthly, I would just jump in joy because I would carry a bit of you everytime I would be drawing. Thank you😊

Have a lovely day and toodle loo!
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