Could AI learn how to love you?

I have to say that I listened to a podcast that was music to my ears. My Hive friend @chekohler bestowed me the other days with a lovely link as a reply to one of my posts, where I talked about a future when AI might replace us at our jobs (read it here if you'd like @creativemary/when-ai-will-replace-you)

The podcast is long, almost 4 hours and it is food for the mind. It is Ben Goertzel talking with Lex Fridman. I can't even express how I enjoyed listening to it ❤️ Here it is if you want to listen - in your car, when you do chores, when you paint etc.

Maybe now you feel bewildered with all of this information given at the beginning of my article. So I will give you my opinion on this and maybe after reading what I feel about the whole thing, you might fancy pursuing the listening of the hefty podcast. So let me write😊


The thing I liked the most about this talk is that I finally felt that all I've been thinking about humanity, the meaning of life, AI and our language is so right. I have moments when I pause my entire existence and question it all. What is beyond ourselves, why do we want to live? Is death the end? Why does it have to be? Could we be more than just a pile of meat looking in the mirror wanting to transcend into a superior form of intelligence, like Goertzel said?

Often I have felt like this so many times throughout my life. Like I want to transcend. Like I feel we are so limited by our body, our society, our ways of expressing.
There are some great points made in this podcast. Some ideas are just so good because they make you think. I liked the idea of transhumanism, going beyond our human body.If you could make multiple versions of you, combine a human form with AGI we could really tap into marvelous options for living. I also strongly believe in singularity net, in creating a society of minds, where different AI could interact and therefore we could improve our existence tremendously.

Our brain is a work of art. Scientist haven't managed yet to make a perfect simulation of the brain functioning and replicate that into a machine. This shows how complex is our mind and how much we have to learn about ourselves in order to make the appropriate technology to enhance ourselves. The plasticity of our brain is the miracle of our mind.

Infusing AI with compassion and love is one of the ideas I like the most. I do agree that we have to infuse the best of what we have as humans into our machines. But I wonder, and I want you to think about it, could AI learn how to love you? Could you imagine a future where part human/part machine or 100% machine could feel like a human feels, despite technical improvements? If love would be learned by a machine, would love continue to hurt, or would this finally be the solution to learn somebody how to love you right? Would this be an end for heartbreaks and tribulations? And I wonder.... If we take the pain out of the love... Would it feel the same? On the other side... How could we make a hate free machine? Is AI a means to fulfill our utopian hidden desires?

I am sure I might even say yes myself to the idea of creating someone who knows how to love you right, reducing pain, anxiety, lies, deceiving. But as an AGI would evolve, could we really create perfection? I have a seed of doubt, because an imperfect human can't create a perfect machine. And love is not perfect...

The important aspect of the future society of minds is, as it is here, decentralization. It is very important to realise that, because I would fear a society where AI would be in the hands of the devious power greedy people.

I would fancy the idea of part human part machine. Our body can fail us while our mind still wants to explore life. If you would find your soulmate and you could both avoid dying by having AI in your life, I am sure most people would do it. I would, because I value love.

I will end my article with a thing Gortzel said which was of a great beauty: our language for expression emotion is very crude, that's what the music is for. I would dare to add my own twist to it and say that's what love is for. A touch, a smile, a hug, can say thousands of words stuck in our mind. You can feel love embracing you without any words. Let's see if AI could ever do that. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, I am sure I will be getting some interesting replies to this.

Have a gorgeous day and toodle loo!

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