Handmade wedding glasses

This is another wedding set of glasses made by me. I loved the contrast between red and black and I thought it would look great on the glasses.

wedglass (1).JPG

As usual I used materials which were handy and not used. The red and black stripes are taken from a buck belt buckle I had, a thin one. I just cut a little piece and glued it to the glass with Bison 5 minute epoxy.

wedglass (3).JPG

The rhinestones and feathers were taken from a pair of sandals and the roses were sculpted by me from clay and then painted with gold.

wedglass (4).JPG

I think it's very fun to try to make something new with something old. It's a mind challenge and a pleasant way to let the imagination run freely.

wedglass (2).JPG

Have a brilliant day and toodle loo!

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